Plasma Tweeter construction and repair

Electrodes and cell's.

Wear part's of all our plasma tweeters are the electrodes and sometimes also the cell's. Over the years the electrodes get worn (tip burned away) or cell's are broken.

The material of the cells is quarz glass. There is no other material for that because of the heat from the plasma. The plasma has a temperature of appr. 1200°Celsius (2190°F).

The melting point of quarz glass is around 1400°C (2550°F).

The same is valid for the electrode. We need material which withstand these temperatures. Therefore I use Kanthal® A1. Melting point here also 1400°C(2550°F).

I know that some uses stainless steal for the electrodes.

Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). ATR-TW1s defect cell and electrode

If you need some electrodes or quarz cells write me a mail. I am able to reproduce any electrode. For the most I have the dimensions already. For some of them I have a little stock.


All these tweeters are the same. Iono Fane and B&W P2 are licence copy's of DuKane's Ionovac.

July 2020

I had so many requests for IONOVAC (Ionophone, B&W P2, Iono Fane) replacement quarz cell and electrode that I decided to help other enthusiasts. One of my readers (thank's Jeff) was kind enough to give me the dimensions. So some electrodes and cell's are now reproduced. Dimensions are to the original part's. The electrode is made out of Kanthal®. If you need electrode's or cell's contact me:  

Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). replacement cell and electrode for Dukane-Ionovac
Bild in Lightbox öffnen (open image in lightbox). These are new maufactured electrodes on a 1/10" grid paper.

Magnat MP-01 and MP-02

I am also able to manufacture electrodes for these kind of speakers.

MP-01 electrodes are longer than MP-02 electrodes so it is important to know for which speaker the electrodes are.  

Magnat worn out electrode
New manufactured electrodes for Magnat tweeter

ATR TW-1 Ion - Acapella

One of my readers need's electrode for an old ATR TW-1 Ion. His electrodes were worn out and cell's are broken. So I have made a set for him. He uses my cell's. They are slightly different but I think it will work.