Plasma Tweeter construction and repair

Information about the Hill Plasmatronics

Twenty years ago when I started my first web site there was no information about these speaker online availible so I wrote some sentences. Fortunately time has changed and there are other enthusiasts out there.

I do not want to double or copy information which already exits so please refer to the excellent site

There you get all information about this outstanding speaker.

Ouote from

"You just sit there in a stunned rapture, realizing you’re one giant step closer to audio nirvana, with a high frequency response that exceeds both your ears and the majority of audio instrumentation.   The Hills are an ideal way to evaluate higher resolution digital audio tracks with greater than CD resolution (16 bit, 44.1 kHz sampling). We have listened to a variety ranging up to 24 bit/192 k resolution and they sound stunning."

Nothing more to say...