Plasma Tweeter construction and repair

Electrodes and cell's.

Wear part's of all our plasma tweeters are the electrodes and sometimes also the cell's. Over the years the electrodes get worn (tip burned away) or cell's are broken.

The material of the cells is quarz glass. There is no other material for that because of the heat from the plasma. The plasma has a temperature of appr. 1200°Celsius (2190°F).

The same is valid for the electrode. We need material which withstand these temperatures. Therefore I use Kanthal® A1. Melting point  1400°C(2550°F).

I know that some uses stainless steal for the electrodes but they don't last very long.

If you need some electrodes or quartz cells write me a mail. I am able to reproduce any electrode.


All these tweeters are the same. Iono Fane and B&W P2 are licence copy's of DuKane's Ionovac.

July 2020

I had requests for DuKane IONOVAC replacement quartz cell and electrode that I decided to help other enthusiasts. One of my readers (thank's Jeff) was kind enough to give me the dimensions from original parts. Some electrodes and cell's are now reproduced.The cell is made  in Germany by one of the country’s leading custom glass and quartz manufacturing houses. Expensive high purity  quartz is used for long life and freedom from flaws. The cells are also ground outside for exact dimensions and are made to tighter tolerances than the original cell to ensure proper fit and purity of that unique Ionovac sound. The electrodes are made from high temperature Kanthal®  for long life and reliability.

DuKane Ionovac Replacement Cell Kits are available now from stock but due to the startup costs there is a very limited supply. I can have more made but there is no assurance that I will if the demand doesn’t justify the expense. If you need electrode's or cell's contact me:  

update March 2021

SOLD OUT !  I will not make them any more because of the high cost I have to lay out before.

Magnat MP-01 and MP-02

I am also able to manufacture electrodes for these kind of speakers.

MP-01 electrodes are longer than MP-02 electrodes so it is important to know for which speaker the electrodes are.  

ATR TW-1 Ion - Acapella

One of my readers need's electrode for an old ATR TW-1 Ion. His electrodes were worn out and cell's are broken. So I have made a set for him. He uses my cell's. They are slightly different but I think it will work.